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Flex HR Visits Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

Flex HR’s CEO, Jenny Morehead, was invited to be a guest speaker at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management at the beginning of April. Jenny was joined by Gretchen Groh, Flex HR’s Compliance and Implementation Manager to share their insight on current Human Resources within businesses.

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Jenny and Gretchen spoke with two business school classes about who Flex HR is and what we do, along with HR trends in employee retention and recruitment, HR best practices, payroll, and HR consulting.

The class focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and transition into management careers. Jenny shared the story of her own career trajectory, providing students with personal insight into the changing business world. Gretchen offered the perspective of someone who has recently transitioned between industries. In reflecting on the experience, she said “I enjoyed being able to share my experience with future business leaders. My path to HR has been a unique one and I’m grateful for the opportunity help others along their own paths.”

Students were particularly interested in Jenny’s strong team building approach and asked several questions related to creating a positive climate and culture when beginning a career. Jenny advocated a person-centered focus that values a diversity of experience.

Businesses use Flex HR for general Human Resources outsourcing help. We provide organizations the HR functions and support they need. We offer a highly collaborative approach to consulting and outsourcing by aligning core human resources competencies needed to achieve the value from a company’s human assets.

Flex HR loves sharing our wealth of HR knowledge. We speak at colleges, conduct Human Resources Bootcamp conferences, and serve on expert HR panels throughout various groups. We customize these visits and seminars to include HR that fit your needs in order to learn more about HR matters.

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