Leave Management

Employees are continuously taking various leaves of absences from work. We manage all your leaves and relieve you of that demanding responsibility. We maintain a leave management system and coordinate with different state laws, disability, sick leave and FMLA.

Premeditated Policy

A variety of reasons lead to employees needing to take a leave from work such as sickness, maternity, bereavement, family circumstances or even jury duty. Organizations want to be compassionate about their employee’s requests. However, managers are not trained in all the supporting laws and may display a negative approach in working with that employee. It’s wise to create a plan and approval process for when people do need time off so discrimination will not be an issue. Flex HR outlines a written leave management procedure, ensuring there is sufficient staff while team members are away to maintain compliance around sensitive demands for time off. This keeps your key employee well versed throughout the course of being away until they are able to return back to work.

Include All Leave Categories

By clearly identifying and delineating each and every possible leave, you are protecting your business. Multi-state organizations have a maze of laws; some by local government dictating sick, maternity, disability, and FMLA leave and it can be tricky how it all coincides with the medical insurance plans and other state and federal laws. Flex HR ensures your business and employees are covered correctly.

Pregnant female employee holding belly reviewing FMLA leave management documents
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act pamphlet on a desk

Leave Management Key Benefits

  • Trained staff to assist both the employee and their manager
  • State law management of sick, disability, PTO and specific medical conditions
  • Managed process and procedure to keep risks of discrimination at bay
  • Help employees’ manager guide their employees