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Remote work isn’t new, but since the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head, remote work has taken off as the preferred method by many employees and employers alike. For employers, it reduces the overhead costs of an office, copy machine, office equipment, and more. For employees, it takes away the commute and allows them to live where they would like to be, regardless of a company’s headquarters.

Consequently, due to the upturn of businesses with a mostly teleworking staff, businesses are looking to outsource their HR and payroll necessities appropriately.

Remote Workplace Policies

Flex HR is your go-to resource for Human Resources and payroll as your company either starts off as fully remote or becomes remote after being based in an office space. We work with many different companies that have fully or partially isolated workforces and can give the answers when it comes to all the unknowns of a remote working environment.

Flex HR ensures, from the beginning, that your company is compliant from an HR and payroll perspective. Flex HR creates a customized employee handbook to accommodate your various employees in the state they reside in. Next, we set up any state unemployment insurance (SUI) or state income tax (SIT) payroll tax codes for states where you have workers and where the codes have not already been established. Finally, we use a custom-created repository of state compliance laws to quickly put together your HR compliance needs within the states where you are present.
Questions to consider when bringing your company remote:
  • How will we stay engaged as a workforce when we aren’t able to gather around the proverbial water cooler at the office?
  • How do we cover the payroll tax laws in the various states where our employees are located?
  • How do we offer benefits to employees in various states?
  • How do we write an employee handbook that encompasses all the different people and states in our organization?
  • How do we judge performance from afar?
  • How do we train people from a great distance, without sometimes not meeting in person?
  • How do we manage the technicalities of onboarding an employee from afar?
How Flex HR supports your company

Flex HR trains the leaders in your organization during our implementation process to bring them up to speed on answers to the HR and payroll compliance questions above. We assign an HR Manager and a Payroll Manager to your company who is an expert in understanding the nuances of various state HR and payroll compliance rules.

Next, Flex HR introduces you to benefits brokers who specialize in remote work companies. Our various benefits brokers provide excellent service and competitive rates for your company. In many cases, you might want a telehealth option that doesn’t rely on a certain geography. We craft a benefits package that works with the particular needs of your company.

It’s important when you are operating any organization, remote or in person, to engage your employees. We coach you on the best practices for managing employees, which includes one-on-one meetings between managers and direct reports. We recommend a manager huddle to touch based on a particular frequency, usually each weekday or 2-3 times per week.

We also highly advise an annual performance review. We recommend setting up the mission and vision for your organization. Flex HR also provides support in engaging your workforce from afar, generating your organization chart to enhance longevity, training people from a distance, and strategizing ways to enrich company culture.

Don’t forget to establish the technology tools to act as the platform for your remote work. You will want a trusted source as your information technology leader and can usually outsource this function as well.

We recommend the following technology tools:
  • Establish a video conference platform to meet internally and with external clients.
  • Create a shared drive that is protected and keeps your client’s confidential information.
  • Work with a payroll platform that doubles as a human resources information system (HRIS), which is a place that you can store employee files and see important company documents.
  • Decide on the type of laptops that you want as a company and make sure that you own these laptops, to protect your company’s information.
  • Establish an online training repository for your employees.
  • Create an online performance review system.
At Flex HR we have uncovered different tips to help with fully remote companies, or organizations that have only some remote employees. It is an exciting new world where employees are blazing the path with their wants and needs at the forefront. Flex HR helps you navigate the questions around a remote workforce and maintain your HR and payroll so you can focus on the job at hand.