Benefits Solutions & Management

We create total benefit plan designs that fit your organization and industry. Due to the complexity of choosing a benefits provider, we assign a true benefits specialist to handle all HR benefits solutions and benefits management consulting. Furthermore, the specialist trains employees on how to maintain their choices.

Structured Benefit Solutions

Flex HR manages and improves your organization’s benefits seamlessly. We help systematize your company’s benefits to increase efficiency of keeping all records and reconciliations up-to-date, and protecting critical employee files. This benefits support also keeps your firm in compliance with employment laws. Therefore you can rest assured all archives are in order should an audit ever occur.

Finding a benefit solutions that fit a company’s size and desires is challenging, however when handled properly this could save your business thousands. In many cases, we reduce costs and increase benefit level by using our in-depth experience. When appropriate and cost effective, we implement self-service applications to better service employees and their families.

Benefits Administration

Flex HR has a dedicated team of benefit experts that serve your workforce from the day they are onboarded. Employees will be offered quality benefits and insurance plans they can choose from and we give them peace of mind by providing our guidance that is a quick phone call or click away. By depending on our back office management division, this reduces other leadership positions from consuming the burden of sorting out these tasks; therefore, they can focus on their main job objectives and growing the business.

HR Employee Company Internet

Communicating with all your employees builds retention and company loyalty. Flex HR gives you a convenient way to share important information such as benefits, pay and policies through a customized site that is secure for each individual to interact according to their needs, preserving company brand standards to ensure consistency and authenticity.

Open enrollment healthcare benefits forms with a medical doctor in the background
HR Retirement plan and benefits management paper with pen

Key Benefits of Benefits Solutions & Benefits Management

  • Affordable benefits packages
  • Improved productivity due to secured benefits
  • Dependable customer service
  • Trustworthy expertise
  • Total Plan Design
  • Executive Supplements
  • Health / Dental
  • 401(k)
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Disability—Short/Long Term
  • Stock Options
  • 401(k) Executive Plans
  • Communication Tools
  • Self-Service Applications