Part Time HR Leadership

Delivering senior-level, part-time HR leadership development to professionals with full-time dedication is our major focus to business organizations such as yours; otherwise called “Fractional Support”. No matter how it’s defined, the approach is to provide small to mid-size companies experienced human resource leadership to ensure the strategic elements of HR are being perceived with appropriate guidance.

Strategic HR Leadership Solutions

We become acclimated with your company culture and the needs of your employees and administration to provide the part-time HR leadership support desired so that you can do your job of running a growing and successful business. Flex HR influences comprehensive strategic placement solutions faster to help build human intellectual capital value, conveying human relations and organizational direction. These specialized HR individuals work with executive management teams to achieve a plan of action whether it is an exit strategy, be it IPO, being acquired, or growing revenue and profit long term.

Organizational Architect

Flex HR meets the human resources necessities of today’s companies. We will provide leadership and mentor your staff on a part-time basis, but with full-time allegiance. Our services provide you with accomplished HR professionals to intelligently manage your human asset risks, at a fraction of traditional costs. We create mission-essential human resources tasks such as employment compliance, benefits, leadership training, compensation, policy, and organizational development to ensure your profitability and efficiency, achieving aggressive targets and other structural tasks.

HR Leadership consulting example using blocks with people icons on them
Woman HR part time leadership consultant at Flex HR

Key Benefits of Part Time HR Leadership

  • Expert seasoned HR individuals
  • Cost savings
  • Fractional HR leadership
  • Time Efficient
  • Mentoring of HR staff
  • Strategic human resources
  • Board level expertise
  • Executive compensations
  • Deferred compensation
  • Executive agreements
  • Culture change