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HR and payroll outsourcing, HR consulting, or recruiting. We would like to work with your organization. It’s a win-win situation. By amplifying each other’s abilities, we create an impactful value to produce superior results to all our clients.

Flex HR works with different type of partners, including the following:

  • Benefits brokers
  • Payroll companies
  • Insurance carriers
  • Accounting firms
  • Outsourcing organizations
Partner With Flex HR

When we see an influential opportunity open the door to even greater capabilities, Flex HR is quick to unite forces and form tactical relationships with businesses to cultivate better solutions. Flex HR welcomes strategic collaborations to help maximize your company’s resource deliverability.

Why Partner With Flex HR?

In our various business partnerships Flex HR provides value to your organization by handling any human resources outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, or HR consulting functions necessary. We have knowledgeable HR and payroll experts who will step is as your Administrative Services Organization (ASO).

Benefits to partnering with us is that Flex HR can be of service by:

  • Conducting a leadership training for their managers
  • Helping with their payroll
  • Helping with an employee relations issue
  • Helping to build out their HR compliance
  • Helping them with an upcoming acquisition, to align their HR practices
  • Helping with recruiting efforts
  • Streamlining HR practices

When your organization collaborates with us, you enrich your service offerings to your audience, essentially helping your business grow.

Our goal is to make quality consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-sized companies.
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Flex HR builds solutions based on client needs.

Our approach is highly collaborative. We align core human resources competencies to achieve the value expected from your company’s human assets.

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HR Partnership

Example – How Flex HR Partners with Warbird

One example of our partnership success is how Flex HR and Warbird Healthcare have joined forces. Warbird is a financial and operational solutions firm of experienced practitioner consultants and advisors. As we all know, the healthcare industry is extremely dynamic, which is why Warbird affiliated with us here at Flex HR to better deliver exceptional Human Resources to businesses that need it. Warbird has seen a major increase in the need for immediate HR talent. Thus, Flex HR steps in to help fulfill these crucial demands providing interim HR support, supplemental HR support and HR outsourcing services.

Reaching out to Flex HR with possible partnering opportunities is the first step in forming an industry relevant strategic alliance. Contact us today to kick start the discussion.

Flex HR Partner Warbird

HR Expertise

Our goal is to make quality consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-sized companies and to increase profits by providing timely mission-essential tasks, HR management and outsourcing, flexible professional talent, and full-time dedication at a fraction of the cost.

Press and Recognition

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Flex HR appears on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies three times in six years.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution named Flex HR as one of the AJC’s “Best of Atlanta” business profiles.

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Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce awards Flex HR CEO Jim Cichanski ”Business Person of the Year”.

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Several of Flex HR’s consultants, and CEO, have been invited to speak multiple times on Atlanta’s Business  Radio X regarding various HR topics.

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Flex HR was among the “Top 25 Most Promising HR & Staffing Service Vendors.

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Flex HR Named Catalyst Business Magazine’sCompanies I Wish I Owned

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Small business owners, mid-size corporate heads and HR managers alike all know the value in running a smooth human resources department.

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We don’t require you to purchase services that you don’t need and the results speak for themselves. Our clients rave about working with Flex HR.

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Flex HR does not provide human resources outsourcing services to client companies through the use of a co-employment relationship.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    Our consultants have been helping clients launch HR initiatives and policies since 2001, so we understand exactly what you need. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help.

    What kind of HR services does Flex HR Provide?

    Flex HR covers all Human Resource functions. We customize our deliverables to your organization’s needs and requests. Our comprehensive service offering includes basic business needs such as back office administration, staff and leadership team recruiting, HR employee websites, HR management solutions, ethics hotlines or high-level strategic consulting, affirmative action planning and HR training initiatives. We perform our job based on the necessities of your business, when you need us. Visit our services page to learn more about our offering.

    How many employees does my company need to have in order to receive help with HR services?

    We work with companies of all sizes – from small start-ups with only a few employees, all the way to multi-billion-dollar firms. No project is too small nor to large for Flex HR. We engage many different levels of HR support to your organization.

    How many consultants will be servicing my company?

    Usually we have one dedicated consultant assisting your need(s). However, on large support projects we have the ability to expand our subject matter experts, placing a dedicated resource on each function needing simultaneous action.

    What makes Flex HR different from a traditional HR department?

    HR departments in small to mid-size businesses have a difficult scalability dilemma. We’ve heard numerous stories from companies that goes something like this: They hire a HR manager thinking it was the right step to take, when in fact that person could not support the organization due to lack of skill level. They went on to hire a VP-level individual, only to see that their high-priced VP did 90% clerk level tasks, so they hired a Director and that person wants to bring in a whole new staff to do their work. It’s hard finding the right fit. Our head of HR fractional role provides the top-level person you require with the knowledge that will meet your strategic needs.

    How do you work with us if we already have a designated HR manager?

    70% of the organizations we work with have some sort of HR person in place. Simply put, we work with that HR representative and step into a supplemental role delivering higher expertise providing any key tools that person or function may be lacking. Our goal is to get your HR staff and compliance obligations organized and to perform more effectively and efficiently. We also mentor the staff to learn, and meet compliance standards of all the different HR functions.

    What Mergers and Acquisition support can you provide?

    We have completed well over 350 mergers or acquisitions. Flex HR begins with a deep due diligence audit review to assess the risk in both a stock or asset purchases. We assist in developing, managing and executing the transition plan, typically 60 days prior to through 180 days after the acquisition date. We also prepare all communication messages and work with the senior executives and any other parties that are required to explain the acquisition in ways of protecting your human capital.

    What industries does Flex HR support?

    We are based just outside of Atlanta, GA, but we in work nearly every industry, covering every state in the USA, plus Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. See a list of industries we cover.