Employee Onboarding Process Flow Administration

HR onboarding of a new individual to your organization is a crucial step for collecting legally required information and doing so in compliance with hundreds of laws around this nation. The employee onboarding process flow is to ensure all HR required documents are properly completed to alleviate fines and penalties that are associated with non-compliance laws. Parts of the onboarding process include proper administration of items such as job offer letters, I-9’s, job description, benefits, payroll wage & hour compliance, W-4’s, 401K rollovers, 1099’s, and legal administration of background checks and drug testing play a fundamental role in achieving compliance.

Flex HR uses state-of-the-art systems to collect the documents listed above when onboarding new hires. We’re proud of our client-oriented call center‘s ability to walk each new employee through the onboarding checklist process. We offer the user experience and employee feel you expect, with live hiring managers taking your call and answering the phone in no more than three rings. Leaving a voice message is not in our culture of taking care of our business owner’s and their employees.

Customized Employee Portal

New hires immediately are engaged and interact with their company information at their fingertips. The Flex HR employee onboarding process flow provides organizations with a custom-built employee website on everything “employment”. Upon offer acceptance, there is no need for individuals to search a variety of different sites. Onboarding program employees get the information they need because we conveniently post it all in one, easy to use portal that can be accessed 24/7. And have no fear if somebody is not computer proficient, we’re always a phone call away to gladly help them out and hit the ground running.

Warm Welcome

Every new staff member wants that warm welcome much earlier than their first day on the job. From the start date, it is important that the right job responsibilities, job duties and expectations be outlined from the start. Once these onboarding guidelines are recognized, the employee can begin to get acclimated with the company culture, work environment and begin to feel settled into their new position.

Ongoing Progression

We manage your employee from onboarding through their years of employment and even assist after they leave the company. A good onboarding experience improves employee retention. From the employee’s first day on, Flex HR team members assist that person with working through any sicknesses, pregnancy, maternity leave, adding children or others to their benefit plans, and with questions on their 401k. Or if they leave, confirming their past employment for mortgage applications etc. We are always in the background helping current and past employees.

Happy businesswoman onboarding employee shaking hands with her colleague in the office while other co-workers are applauding them
New employee filling out onboarding administration paperwork with HR consultant

Key Benefits of Onboarding Administration

  • Streamlined process
  • Customized employee website
  • Automated onboarding
  • Employee customer care
  • Compliance
  • HRIS
  • Benefit Administration
  • 401K administration