Employee Handbooks

A company manual documenting all polices and procedures that a workforce is expected to follow is commonly known as a HR employee handbook. Every staff member should be given a handbook that clearly outlines the organization’s rules and defines expectations of each employer. Usually included are key components such as mission and values, benefits, safety, confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), standards of conduct, use of computers, software and the internet, compensation, FACTA, HIPPA, social media, performance reviews, and termination procedures to name a few.

While it’s not required by law for every company to have one, it’s certainly the best way to have written documentation of specific workplace rights. Handbooks also serve as a great tool to house all the required policies that most companies must publish. It’s crucial that each employee understands the entire handbook and then acknowledges this by signing an agreement to all terms. This ultimately helps safeguard your business, especially should any legal matters arise. Flex HR relieves the stress you face regarding your Employee Handbook by reviewing your current policies to update, clarify and improve the required rules and regulations of the overall structure.

Cultural Environment

By putting a company handbook in place, this guidebook usually sets the tone for the outlook on its business culture as well. These details include everything from general aspects such as office hours to dress code, how workplace equipment should be used, email and social media boundaries to anti-harassment, anti-discrimination policies and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations.

Keep Company Handbooks Current

Communicating all updated practices and policy changes within the company to all employees is important. Local, state and federal laws are constantly being modified, which means revisions to your current employee handbook are vital for remaining compliant.

Flex HR builds well over 100 Employee Handbooks each year. We work with your company’s management team and leaders to develop a great operationally oriented Handbook that is employee friendly, management directed and serves to protect the company.

Group of multi-ethnic business partners discussing employee handbook
Human resources employee handbook in digital format on the phone

Key Benefits of Employee Handbooks

  • Clearly written policies and procedures
  • Employee friendly
  • Up-to-date laws
  • Encourages employee behavior
  • Mitigates risk
  • Completely documented
  • Legal protection