Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Flex HR is your vital recruiting services agency when you need us. We become acclimated with your company and culture to quickly respond to your hiring goals with quality candidates who meet your job requirements. Finally, identifying the right employee for your specific role is an essential part to growing your firm’s business.

Our Recruiting Services Are Customized to Your Needs

We will conduct the job search from start to finish from designing the job description, researching applicants, screening, interviewing and then presenting you with the top selection of skilled contenders to fill your position objectives. This streamlined process saves you time and money knowing you have a team that is consistently committed to identifying the most qualified candidates, ultimately driving your business’s success.

Contingency or Direct Hire Search

Finding the right person for your company’s specific position is a matter of match, scalability, knowledge and the candidate’s behavioral traits. Most important our number one goal is to fit skill with company culture. Therefore, if a candidate is selected, the fee is based on the first years’ total compensation with guarantee included.

Contract Needs

Flex HR is your go-to hr recruiting solutions department and virtual recruiter when necessary for short-term projects, vacancy fill-in or brief assignments. We strive to find the ideal candidate to meet your demands.

Cost-Effective Hourly Plan

This tailored by-the-hour plan meets your companies’ high-volume recruiting requirements, or immediate sourcing for one or more positions. In addition, we customize your vacancy needs by first identifying the job opening and managing the process through acceptance. Once a candidate is hired the only cost to you is the hours used to complete this assignment.

We also provide project management to assist businesses that are using multiple methods to recruit in their organizations. As a result, funneling everything through a professional and managing effectively keeps cost and time-to-hire to a minimum. Many times this service starts with developing a job description, providing guidance when posting to social media, and ensuring compliance with the FLSA & DOL.

Man getting hired after recruiting, close up of handshake in the office
Human Resources recruiting network on digital world map in Atlanta office

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

  • Experienced search and placement services
  • Qualified and quality candidates
  • Executive Search
  • Low fee structure
  • Large scale recruiting options
  • Several search engines available for each position

Areas of Expertise:

  • CEO’s, COO’s & VP’s
  • CFO’s, Controllers & Accounting Specialists
  • Business Development & Territory Sales Specialists
  • Product and Program Marketing Managers
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Operations Positions
  • Business Analyst, Demand Planners & Sourcing
  • Human Resource Managers, Specialists, Generalists, Coordinators
  • Payroll Administrators/Managers, Payroll Clerks & Payroll Specialists
  • Compensation & Benefits Experts
  • Employee & Labor Relations Specialists
  • Talent Acquisition & Training Specialists
  • HRIS Management

Flex HR recruits any position you need, in all industries, from top-level CEO, CFOs and VPs down to administrative positions. We have successfully guided companies with their search and hiring intentions while simultaneously helping candidates find meaningful employment and career advancement.