It’s a great feeling that your business is growing, and you need to hire one or more employees. Flex HR covers all of the steps surrounding employment and takes the load off your shoulders.

Initial Approach For Employment

As your organization beings to flourish and expand operations, you may be overwhelmed by what steps to take first. Flex HR takes over employment responsibilities at any point you desire. First, an outline of the job requested must be defined before the talent search even begins. Our experts write up job descriptions, lead recruiting efforts and screen the most qualified candidates for you to consider. From entry-level positions to higher executives, we run background checks, drug testing and any other actions your business requires of a potential new hire.

Hiring Personnel

Once you find the right individual that is perfect for the job, it takes time to put together the job offer letter and then officially onboard that person. Many legal ramifications can destroy management’s efforts in hiring employees; as a result being cognizant of the countless employment laws is crucial. Beginning with job offer letters, commissions, promotions potential, bonus structure, benefits package, paid time off, and ending with the termination of employment, Flex HR performs these tactics for you. During the hiring process Flex HR administrates all the paperwork and proper forms that need to be filed such as I-9, benefits, 401K, etc.

Onboarding Best Practices

Onboarding is a progression that legally binds organizations on many fronts. We quickly recognize your company culture and create practices to reduce risk in employment issues. Many managers get too busy with their tangible line of work and forget to follow through on the documentation process. Months later they then find themselves in a bind because they have not been obtaining correct and complete credentials. Sometimes this can result in the business having to pay fines and unnecessary fees.

Human resources employment specialists discussing at Flex HR Atlanta office
hr professionals training customer for hiring new employees in Atlanta office

Key Benefits of Employment

  • Search & talent acquisition services
  • I-9 Compliance
  • E-Verification
  • Background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Proper legal posting
  • Employee handbooks
  • EEO-1
  • AAP
  • Veteran reporting compliance
  • Employment-at-will
  • Executive searches
  • Documentation / record keeping
  • Interviewing for success
If your organization must comply with the laws around OFCCP, we can assist you to maintain systems and proper hiring practices to keep you in compliance with the demanding laws of this program.