Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be irreplaceable as a strategic and problem-solving HR and payroll business partner.

Flex HR is known as an ASO, or administrative services organization, which gives companies more choices for HR services. Small business owners, mid-size corporate heads and HR managers alike all know the value in running a smooth human resources department. Flex HR consulting focuses to properly cultivate and deliver value-added expert HR solutions services for our clients on an as-needed basis. Our mission and passion is to strengthen and streamline your business’s HR functions. We minimize risk, through our customized proven extraordinary approaches so that they may successfully evolve.

We service well over 2,000 businesses and we implement quality “Best Practices” to ensure their growth. Flex HR solutions group commits to pursuing the maximum value of your human capital and aligning it with your company’s ingenuities, strategies and core standards to optimize your operating principles. Therefore, we help companies recognize their increased worth; especially those working towards successfully reaching their exit strategy. We build a unique HR package solution for each individual organization. We don’t require you to purchase services that you don’t need and the results speak for themselves. Above all, our clients rave about working with Flex HR.

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Our vision is to revolutionize human resources outsourcing to help businesses maximize their people.

A message from our founder:

I founded Flex HR in 2001 by asking “What keeps business owners up at night?” In brief, the answer is most companies don’t receive the quality of HR service that they should. 

The founding concept of Flex HR is to take the human resources burden that so many small, mid and large sized business owners and managers feel regularly and turn that into a feeling of confidence knowing that their HR is being properly handled and thriving under the guidance of Flex HR.

– Jim Cichanski

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Jim Cichanski discusses how his vision for the future of HR became a reality