Customized Employee Website

Human resources is not normally the highest priority for the IT department when it comes to designing and developing an employee website to keep employment documents and organize company communications for the employees. In fact, many times, IT is ignorant about HR matters, and they shy away from undertaking the development of a HR portal. This leaves the organization vulnerable in maintaining informational postings and distributions, safeguarding legal documents and providing access to valuable employee benefit content, which is a strong retention tool in keeping your employees happy and engaged.

Flex HR uses a modern platform to build a custom website for each organization where your employees have instant access to their information 24/7. Each site highlights your established business branding to strengthen company loyalty.

Branded Employee Interactive Portal

Our custom-built website allows employees quick access and immediate interaction to obtain information for their employment needs. Flex HR develops your employee intranet, giving you a handy way to share important documents and guidelines such as benefits, pay, unique policies and procedures, significant forms, etc. Keeping all relevant forms and credentials online alleviates the hassles of overseeing these items because it’s essentially done already, being all in one place. Managers also have full contact to the day-to-day tools they require to administer performance and supervision of their employees. Every site is secure and tailored to meet employee needs and company brand standards to ensure consistency and authenticity.

Customer Centric Center

We have a staff of HR professionals ready to help you and your employees, whenever you need us. Available via email or phone, our Customer Centric Center representatives provide guidance and answers in a timely manner and are backed by senior consultants who are leading experts in all HR functions.

Businesswoman wearing an orange blouse working typing in a desktop computer at office viewing customized employee website
Group of employees logging into customized employee website

Key Benefits of Customized Employee Website

  • Key employer information at your fingertips
  • Automatically request and track time off
  • Benefits information all in one place
  • A convenient location to post and maintain all required documents for 401K Plan and ERISA compliance
  • Updated forms managers can view quickly
  • Central database so employees don’t need to go to multiple sites to find information
  • Ethics hotline capability, including managing concerns compiled via this tool
  • Self-service – simple changes made easy
  • Acts as an intranet tool to communicate to your employees
  • Easy accessibility 24/7