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Flex HR is a Full-Service Human Resources Outsourcing, Recruiting, and Consulting Solutions Provider.

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Our HR subject matter experts consult with clients as needed or act as part-time or interim Human Resource leaders. Flex HR navigates critical business issues such as employee and executive compensation, organization design, mergers and acquisitions, lean operating initiatives, talent acquisition and policy development.

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HR back office administration is a critical business function. As a result, Flex HR built a proprietary platform called EmployeeUniverse™ to easily manage your Human Resource needs and enable your employees to access their information all in one place.

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Human resources is one of the most complex of all business functions. Government regulations, environmental health concerns and workplace safety are among the obstacles companies must address in their employment policies and practices.

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Flex HR is your virtual recruiting department, here when you need us. Above all, we get to know your organization’s culture and quickly respond to your hiring needs with quality candidates who meet your job requirements.

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Onboarding best practices ensures new employees feel welcome, payroll is correct and benefits enrollment maintains compliance with employment laws throughout the United States, Canada, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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We specialize in designing organizational structures, building teams and creating workforce synergies to respond to market needs and enable growth. Flex HR’s extensive experience helps companies move from startups to professionally run companies at lightning speed.

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What we offer our clients

Flex HR is a Human Resources consulting firm that manages all aspects of human resources without leasing your employees or entering into co-employment.

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How we do it

Our HR technology platform EmployeeUniverse™ is uniquely designed for your company and dedicated to effectively managing Human Resources administration responsively and effectively. This HR Outsourcing solution provides management a virtual full service backroom Human Resources department that is flexible and has the expertise to support your company’s HR needs.

Discover how we can give you the bigger picture with insights into a changing market.

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Our firm’s CEO Jim Cichanski of Flex HR Atlanta & Johns Creek discusses a total HR outsourcing solution

Why Choose Flex HR?

Flex HR is your one-stop human resources consulting services firm, supporting all HR functions. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose as many or as few services as you need as your business evolves.

Experienced HR Team

We have the most current knowledge, experience, and best trained personnel because we focus on our specialty. As a result, we are able to offer better expertise than is possible with an in-house function.

Flexible Support

Flex HR, Inc. is a full service, outsourced Human Resources Department. As companies concentrate their internal resources on their core business, they look outward for expertise. Outsourcing non-core business functions makes good business sense. We have a flexible model customized to fit any employer’s needs.

Significant Cost Savings

Flex HR, Inc. provides leadership to deliver customized, scalable and cost-effective solutions. Offering a highly collaborative approach, we align core human resources competencies needed to achieve the value expected from your company’s human assets.


Here’s what some of our clients have said


“The first thing that became apparent to me was that I wished I would have known of Flex HR’s services and had them part of my team earlier. They have professionally assumed responsibility of our people strategy, moving us to the next level.”

“The actions that Flex HR took to implement a strong competitive base salary program, and sales commission plan, had a positive impact on the Company’s employee relations.”

“More important than all the strategic initiatives; they have become trusted advisors. The depth of their team’s experience and knowledge in human resources consulting specifically has proven to be sound and unbiased viewpoints, which is of great value.”

Hans Wolfgang Stier, President & CEO, CAS Systems of America, Inc., Atlanta, GA


“We are extremely pleased with Flex HR, Inc. as our part-time human resources executive arm.”

“Flex HR’s model has saved our company a run rate of 45% per month over the traditional way we were running our department. Almost every month Flex HR, Inc. brings added value to our company in some measure of cost savings.”

“The expertise of Flex HR has increased the human resources strategic level in our company and has definitely added to our human asset value.”

Michael J. Eckert, President & CEO, Pathfire, Inc., Roswell, GA


“When Kimberly-Clark needed expert support in Organization Effectiveness (OE) and teambuilding, Flex HR, Inc. was able to augment our existing staff and dedicate resources to support our businesses as needed. In addition to providing resources locally, Flex HR has demonstrated the ability to staff at our Wisconsin and Dallas facilities. As needs develop within Kimberly-Clark, they have always responded quickly and professionally.”

“Flex HR has demonstrated a high level of expertise and versatility. They are reliable and always put Kimberly-Clark first in their recommendations and advise. Flex HR’s staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.”

Rhonda Gibby, Senior Director, Kimberly-Clark, Alpharetta, GA