Why Choose Flex HR?

Flex HR is your one-stop human resources outsourcing and consulting firm. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose as many or as few services as you need, depending on your business. Within HR outsourcing, Flex HR is known as an ASO, or administrative services organization.

Experienced HR Team

Our consultants have the most current knowledge, experience, and best-trained personnel because we focus on our specialty. As a result, we are able to offer better consulting and expertise than is possible with an in-house function.

Total HR Outsourcing Solutions

Flex HR is a full service, outsourced Human Resources Department. As companies concentrate their internal resources on their core business, they look for outsourcing additional expertise. Outsourcing non-core business functions makes good business sense. We have a flexible consulting model customized to fit any employer’s needs.

Significant Cost Savings

Flex HR provides leadership to deliver customized, scalable and cost-effective HR outsourcing solutions. Offering a highly collaborative approach to consulting, we align core human resources competencies needed to achieve the value expected from your company’s human assets.

Flex HR is a Full-Service HR Consulting, Outsourcing, and Recruiting Solutions Provider. Founded in Atlanta, GA, Flex HR serves clients in all 50 states.

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Our HR consulting service experts work with clients as needed or act as part-time or interim Human Resource leaders. Flex HR navigates critical business issues such as employee and executive compensation, organization design, mergers and acquisitions, lean operating initiatives, talent acquisition and policy development.

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Trusted HR Outsourcing Company

HR outsourcing can support back office administration as this is a critical business function. As a result, Flex HR built a proprietary platform to easily manage your Human Resource outsourcing needs and enable your employees to access their information all in one place.

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Calculate Payroll Tax Outsourcing

Remote work continues and employees relocating to a state where the employer does not have a presence means payroll tax implications for that business. Flex HR has our own Payroll Tax department to manage payroll tax work for companies all over.

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Flex HR is your virtual HR recruiting department, here when you need us. Above all, we get to know your organization’s culture and quickly respond to your hiring needs with quality, talented candidates who meet your job requirements.

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Onboarding a new administration with best practices ensures new employees feel welcome, payroll is correct and benefits enrollment maintains compliance with employment laws throughout the United States, Canada, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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Human resources and compliance are some of the most complex of all business functions. Government-compliant regulations, environmental health concerns and workplace safety are among the obstacles companies must address in their employment policies and practices.

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Human Resources Payroll Services

Leave your payroll to us. Payroll compensation needs for each company differ greatly, so we ensure each payroll is processed accurately by our experts who also certify your employees are classified correctly with state and local laws.

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Remote Working Workplace Company HR

Remote work isn’t new, but since the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head, remote work has taken off as the preferred method by many employees and employers alike. For employers, it reduces the overhead costs of an office, copy machine, office equipment, and more. For employees, it takes away the commute and allows them to live where they would like to be, regardless of a company’s headquarters.

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What we offer our clients

Flex HR is a HR consulting and outsourcing firm in Atlanta, GA that manages all aspects of human resources without leasing your employees or entering into co-employment.

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How we do it

Our HR outsourcing technology platform EmployeeUniverse™ is uniquely designed for your company and dedicated to effectively managing Human Resources administration responsively and effectively. This HR outsourcing solution provides management a virtual full service backroom Human Resources department that is flexible and has the expertise to support your company’s HR needs.

Discover how we can give you the bigger picture with insights into a changing market.

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    Flex HR streamlines customized administrative services for our clients. Hear what the members of our team have to say about Flex HR.

    Our Clients

    We proudly deliver HR services to some of the worlds largest companies.

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    Flex HR provides solid HR Outsourcing & Consulting solutions to grow your company

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    Human Resources Fast Facts

    These are some of the most common HR opportunities for improvement we see. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

    Human capital accounts for 30-70% of your company’s total value.

    As with any business asset, people must be managed to support your strategic goals and give you the best return possible. The human part of capital, however, makes it the least standardized function in most organizations. Consequently, employees are the largest expense in 95% of organizations today.

    Employees present challenges every business must face

    Every business needs a productive, satisfied workforce in order to thrive. But the increasing complexity of human resource laws and government compliance mandates makes it harder to achieve.

    Flex HR Consultants turns challenges into opportunities with flexible, affordable support for any or all HR functions, including outsourcing, consulting, staff mentoring, and payroll, to name a few. Whether you have one employee or thousands, we handle your human resources load so you can get on with business.

    Compliance with today's multiple labor laws is increasingly complex

    Consistently for the past 5 years, there have been over 50 labor law changes each year, throughout the United States. Flex HR monitors these constantly varying laws and helps you stay in compliance. 

    Todays businesses face considerable legal roadblocks

    • Three out of five companies are sued every year.
    • Half of claims are from companies with two to 100 employees.
    • The average jury award is $250,000.

    Back office administration time and expense is now simplified

    Flex HR’s back office administration powered by EmployeeUniverse™ is typically 20 to 50% less expensive than traditional HR departments or professional employer organizations (PEOs).

    Human capital growth must be well planned

    As human capital value grows, Flex HR helps boards of directors develop key executive total compensation plans, Affordable Care Act strategies, stock option and deferred cash accumulation plans, to name a few.

    Helping Businesses Become HR Compliant Since 2001


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    Human resources is a complex business function. Government regulations, environmental health concerns and workplace safety are among the hot topics companies must address in their employment policies and practices.

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