Ethics Hotline

Providing your employees with a safe and trusted ethics hotline is a precarious step in an employer’s efforts to safeguard against any problems that may ascend. Many government related laws require compliance to include a means for employees to release information if an occurrence may be breaking rules or regulations.

HR Ethics Hotline: Trusted and Effective

Organizations throughout the country receive an assortment of ethics and compliance reports each year. Flex HR offers simple but effective ways for employees to express concerns about their employer’s practices, ethics and other sensitive issues by using an ethics hotline. Giving your staff a way to feel empowered by picking up the phone, or simply emailing any questions or concerns that arise, usually leads to a positive impact on company culture, improving employee productivity and morale. It also protects managers by mitigating any risk that is then brought to their attention and a resolution strategy can begin to take place. Our solutions range from a basic hotline system to assisting management with communications, investigations and recommendations.

We make access available to employees 24/7 so they can send alerts away from work and anonymously if they wish. Our staff is trained to treat these notifications completely confidential. Flex HR furthermore provides a cloud-based website just for your ethics policies and reporting incidents. If you would like a complete turnkey approach, our qualified specialists can talk to the individual involved in the case and obtain pertinent information on their circumstance, often placing a management member inside the organization for a full description of the concern so that we can handle matters appropriately.

We also conduct full investigations of any matter if you deem this necessary. We have extremely experienced senior staff to perform any level investigation.

Employee sitting on stairs in downtown Atlanta with computer reporting ethics hotline status
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Key Benefits of Board of Ethics Hotline

  • Employee & employer HR assistance
  • Available 24/7
  • Quick response timing
  • Separate cloud-based system not connected to the employers systems
  • Track & manage issues until completed
  • Convenience of phone & online channels
  • Frequently asked questions online
  • Moderate risks associated with reported matters
  • Review trends & assist company on solutions
  • Anonymous notification
  • Investigations at all levels of the organization