Auburn Alabama HR Outsourcing & Consulting Services

Auburn Alabama Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing
Auburn, AL HR (Human Resources) Outsourcing and Consulting
Our most requested HR services offered in Auburn, AL include:

We provide as needed, part-time, or interim Human Resource leadership for Auburn companies.

We are a full service HR solutions provider, allowing you to focus on getting back to business

We monitor and navigate laws and regulations for professional employment.

We discover your unique employment needs and requirements to hire the most qualified candidates.

We integrate employees with your culture with our new hire tools, ensuring high levels of retention.

Consistently improve the performance of your employees and improve productivity with the use of strategic programs and products.

Additionally, companies in Auburn, AL rely on Flex HR to provide large and small business HR support and help with:
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    How we do it

    Our HR outsourcing technology platform EmployeeUniverse™ is uniquely designed for your company and dedicated to effectively managing Human Resources administration responsively and effectively. This HR outsourcing solution provides management a virtual full service backroom Human Resources department that is flexible and has the expertise to support your company’s HR needs.

    Discover how we can give you the bigger picture with insights into a changing market.

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