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Human Resource Management: The Ultimate Guide

Human Resources is an indispensable part of any organization, playing a key role in a company’s overall development and success. Thus, adequate Human Resource Management (HRM) is vital to continually optimize and improve your business’s HR functions.

The Ultimate HR Strategy Guide for 2022


In Human Resource Management: The Ultimate Guide, Jotform does an outstanding job of summarizing the significance HR management. Flex HR’s Founder and CHRO, Jim Cichanski, provides essential information throughout this article.

The 2022 Ultimate HR Strategy Guide outlines:

  1. The fundamentals of human resource management
  2. Understanding human capital management
  3. Using strategic human resource management
  4. Merging HRM with High Tech
  5. HRMS in a nutshell
  6. HR automation with forms and workflows

Human Resources Capital, not to be confused with human resources management, is all about the economic value that employees of a company bring in order to maximize ROI for that business.

“By effectively acquiring, managing, and developing the workforce, businesses can realize more value from their employees. Managing a company’s human assets effectively also improves its bottom line,” explains Jim Cichanski.


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