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10 Ideas For Better Recruiting To Attract More Candidates

Today, recruiting talent is more competitive than ever. The pandemic has really changed the way people work and more and more individuals are searching for new jobs in this newfound environment. In fact, it’s been termed “The Great Resignation.” You need to stay one step ahead of the game to attract the best employees, and that might mean changing your strategy.

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The rising percentage of the workforce who are quitting their jobs indicates there should be a flock of talent to hire. Nevertheless, the problem is, companies aren’t offering the things employees need or desire, which is what caused them to quit in the first place. To get the right candidates to apply at your company, you’ll want to pay attention to the latest trends, wants, and needs for workers.


Ideas for Better Recruiting


At Flex HR, a Human Resources outsourcing, consulting and recruiting firm, we’ve pooled our resources to brainstorm some inventive recruiting ideas to make sure that those who are quitting their jobs will be lining up to work at your company. In today’s market the key is to go above and beyond the norm to find wholesome and qualified candidates.


1. Include images on a job posting

This will help to catch more candidates’ attention.


2. Offer tuition reimbursement programs for employees

This will attract candidates who are finishing school or are newly graduated but want to continue their education. Jim Cichanski, Founder & CHRO of Flex HR says, “don’t forget that student loan payments are now available under tuition reimbursement. This is a great retention tool.”


3. Establish broader remote-working guidelines

Many employees want to continue working from home and to engage in the workplace while not sacrificing their families.


4. Use tools like Trainual, Hireology, Juvo, Netchex

These tools each help in various ways with the recruiting process from the hiring process, having an onboarding organizational HRIS tool, training employees with training videos for them, and obtaining an electronic paperwork organizational system.


5. Boost company culture

You can give employees gifts from Loop & Tie or a similar company, ensure employees understand their role and its importance, go the extra mile to regularly recognize employee achievement, and build community even virtually or by having Friday Happy Hour with the team. All of these will build morale and your company will earn a good reputation where people want to come work for you. Flex HR’s Director of Recruiting, Teresa Monday explains “Ever since our company started working from home in the pandemic our CEO implemented a ‘coffee break meeting’ every other week where the entire office staff gets on a zoom call to talk about current events, share their wins, and briefly discuss important internal information or upcoming happenings.”


6. Offer paid time off

Many employees will want to know they have paid time off for sick days and vacation, even if they don’t end up using it.


7. Offer stock options and / or sign on bonus

Employees who have stock in your company will be more invested in its global success. Those new hires that are offered a sign on bonus will be motivated to get a great start with a little extra cash in their pockets.


8. Show you care for employee wellness

You can pay for gym memberships to keep your employees healthy and to lower their medical bills.


9. Offer benefits that care for employees’ financial wellbeing

65% of Gen Z said financial education is important to them, and 67% of Gen X is interested in having financial coaching. Personalized financial coaching is needed for minorities, especially those who are Black, Hispanic, or LatinX.


10. Post a job in creative locations

Think outside the box by posting a job in unique places such as craigslist, online newspapers, churches, local networking groups, sporting events, school career boards, school alumni groups, community centers, infomercials, radio spots, mom groups, dad groups, etc.


HR Recruiting Importance

Why It’s Important to Outsource HR and Recruiting to Experts Like Flex HR


More and more small to mid-sized companies are outsourcing their Human Resource functions to get the expertise they need. Outsourcing HR and recruiting may sound scary. But your HR and recruiting department should know your company and the job positions you are seeking to fill best, right?


Even if you have an HR department and recruiting director you are happy with, they will be limited in their capacity and knowledge, as they fulfill various roles in your organization and wear many hats.


Outsourcing to organizations such as Flex HR save you time and money, and help you find the talent you are looking for. Mainly because we have trained experts who can work remotely to recruit and retain employees, using the most recent data, trends, and techniques. Flex HR can fill in the gaps where your HR department is limited or lacking, to ensure you don’t have to go through the costly, painful ordeal of constant recruiting.