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Ways to Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

The job market these days is tough everywhere. From finding top quality candidates, to tougher interview processes, it all comes down to what the top reason is to hire a top applicant.

It may feel impossible to answer, yet it’s a perfectly reasonable question – ‘Why should we hire you?’ This has become a top closing question among recruiters. They want to see what you have to offer and what qualities you will bring to their company.

Thus, job seekers should take the time to not only evaluate the jobs they have had in the past to be able to talk in detail about, but they should also appraise themselves. Practice not stammering or creating awkward pauses and be positive and confident in your answers.

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Other Ways to Address ‘Why should we hire you?’


Problem Solve: Speak to the company’s primary concern. Address what you have to offer and how you can help solve the problem. This shows the organization you have them at your best interested and are already thinking of how to jump right in.

Pitch Yourself: Do this with a confident declaration without being arrogant. This is a statement that is more than just “I’d be great at this job.” Offer up the reason why you would be great at the job with justification.

Tell a Story:  More than just the elevator pitch, offer specific examples of prior work you’ve done and the results, to demonstrate what you can do for your future employer.

“A strong response should include an example of a past performance situation, as this often predicts future performance and how one’s experience will address a primary facet of the role being filled,” Preston says.

Heavy ‘Specifics’ Strategy: It’s time for an information dump. Explain exactly why you should be hired and how you would fit into the job role. Now is the time to shine and call out your unique experience or advanced skills that make you stand out from other candidates. Provide examples of past accomplishments and how you have progressed efficiently.


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It’s a Good Fit: Enthusiasm over the job will go a long way. Show the interviewer you really do want the position and why. Is it your dream to work in the industry or on a specific project they have to offer? Tell them!

Regardless of the methodologies you decide to use to answer the ‘why should we hire you’ question, do your research on the company and the position so that you can explain how your background aligns with their mission, values, and goals.

Nobody expects you to answer the question so brilliantly right away that they’re going to stop the interview and hire you on the spot. They just want to see how you best answer these loaded questions. Entertain your interviewer with insightful stories and information about you and your background that illuminates why you’d be such a good fit for this job.


Ways to answer why should we hire you