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Human Resource Professional Day

On September 26 each year, we recognize the incredible work of those that work in Human Resources. Human Resource Professional Day has been celebrated since 1959. It was created to honor the vital contributions that HR professionals deliver to organizations of all sizes and industries, around the world.

Human Resources of a company is accountable for the entire life cycle of an employee – from recruiting, onboarding, training, and managing an employee up to their final severance. Afterall, human capital is the most vital part of an organization. HR professionals have a challenging role to develop vital policies and procedures for the organization, strategize payroll and benefits administration, handle compliance and legal issues, and optimize employee productivity.

2023 HR Professional Day


Furthermore, HR is responsible for nurturing employees, and handling employer-employee relationships to ensure they are managed and supported properly within their job position as well as the company. It is important now that modern HR practices include creating a positive workplace culture, plan employees’ career paths within the organization, and design tactics to acquire the right employees so that employees are retained and happy with their role and place of work. Of course, HR experts are always staying on top of all the latest HR industry trends as a part of their job too!

On this September 26, let’s take some time to recognize and acknowledge those that work in HR. Thank them for countless hours of invaluable work. At Flex HR we celebrate big wins and exciting team news on a bi-weekly basis, but today is extra special to celebrate our HR connoisseurs.

Celebrate Human Resources Professional Day

There are a variety of ways your company and employees can commend your HR department or HR professionals.

Email Recognition – Send out an email blast to the entire company praising the HR professionals for their hard work and thanking them for the hard decisions they make on behalf of the organization.

Basic HR Seminar – Have your staff attend a short HR seminar that outlines the important role and tasks that Human Resources is in charge of. This also serves as a good reminder for employees as to how their HR department, or representative, can better accommodate their personal needs.

HR Appreciation Day – Whether this is an entire day or even a lunch, organize an activity outside of the office to allow your HR team to let loose and take some time off from their busy day. Team activities further camaraderie and strengthen company culture.

Promote a Healthy Working Environment – on behalf of HR’s efforts, craft a communication that demonstrates the positive and productive workplace your company strives for. Call out policies that protect staff members right’s, keeps them safe, encourage diversity and inclusivity, fairness, mental health, and work/life balance.

HR Professional Day 2023

Human Resources without a doubt is the most fundamental role to a business’s success. HR professionals have the passionate comprehension to align a company’s purposeful objectives with key ingenuities.

Society is constantly changing. Therefore, HR must navigate, adapt, and adopt current expectations. This ambition is what influences HR to develop strategic policies and processes that drive structural performance through people. Ultimately, HR is to thank for these complicated moving pieces that grow and develop a business.

HR Professional Day