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Immediate Human Resources Placement Help Success

Human Resources placement is the true backbone to any business. The HR person, or department, has the vital role of generating organizational structure to meet business needs by effectively managing the employee lifecycle. This is anything and everything from, onboarding, payroll, terminations, HRIS systems set-up and management, training, compensation, workplace safety, compliance benefits management, and recruiting.

So, what do you do when your 5 person HR team is running smoothly one day, but the next day 4 out of 5 of your HR employees decide to quit? 

New Hires Recruiting


You call Flex HR of course! Recently, we took this emergency request to help immediately replace the 4 out 5 of their HR employees leaving the company with less than two weeks’ notice. Flex HR has the capability to assist a company in their time of need. These 4 workers responsibilities were to keep payroll running, recruiting at a clip of 40 employees a month, benefits management, and the overall daily HR support. So having this many HR leaders up and quit became quite the dilemma. 


Employee Turnover & Human Resources Placement

Flex HR To The Rescue

Luckily this new client of ours made the call to us right away. Within 3 days, Flex HR parachuted Human Resources reinforcements in their company, got the payroll out on time (literally in the fourth day on the job), and started recruiting for the 120 positions they had open. Only 2 months later, Flex HR successfully fulfilled over 80 positions and completed all open enrollment for benefits for these new employees. Concurrently we administrated the yearly compensation process and provided raises to a workforce of over 1,100 employees. No wonder this client called us “rockstars” for stepping in at lightning speed to salvage their HR department. 

Welcome Team Members

Human Resources Placement – How We Did It

HRIS Management

Flex HR took charge and obtained access to the company’s system and quickly absorbed the set-up of payroll so a live payroll could be run only four days later. We have experience of over well over 12 different payroll systems. Once we have access, our HR specialists are off and running to maintain all processes. This all happened at the end of the year and benefits needed to be changed for all employees as well as the takeover of the salary increase process that was about six weeks behind schedule. But with Flex HR’s expertise were able to get all 1,100 employees their raises on time.   


Recruiting Process

Talk about a successful emergency recruiting operation. Flex HR took a very low functioning HRIS system and made improvements in the platform that immediately resulted in success of finding qualified candidates. The start time was then reduced from an average of 10 days to 5 days with process improvements made by the professional team of HR individuals assigned to this client. 


Daily HR Support

Flex HR stepped in to manage all the needed support without one item overlooked.  Over 400 requests were coming in each month from verification of employment for employees seeking mortgages or car loans, tax changes, bonus payments, benefit questions, 401K changes, changes in organizational structure, disciplinary actions, terminations to name a few.  


Acquisition Assistance

A recent acquisition was accomplished; however, information to complete year-end W-2’s needed to be implemented. Flex HR moved right in to correct these, as well as closed down a 401K plan and assisted employees with the process and communications. The team also helped to set up benefits for the acquired personnel quickly, so they were covered. 

Flex HR has the expertise to help with all HR activities, may it be one project that seems to never get done to restructuring an entirely new HR Department. Flex HR may be just what you need when you need it!


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