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The Future Of HR And Automation

Future of HR Automation and Outsourcing

The idea behind automation is to streamline workflows and free up the workforce for more valuable tasks. As seen in the past, technological advancement tends to destroy jobs, but it also creates more jobs. Automation is creeping into almost all fields making the workforce worried that their jobs might become obsolete one day.



Any task that can be automated has not been spared, even human resources, a document-driven field. In the typical office, the HR department prepares employment contracts, hands them to the employee who reads the contract, signs it, and hands it back to the HR, who then fills the contract. While most of these processes can be automated, not every function of HR needs to be automated.

What Is HR Automation?

Human resources automation seeks to digitize and automate tedious, time-consuming functions such as filing paperwork. This reduces cycle time, human error improves efficiency, and frees up HR personnel for more strategic activities. HR automation can handle administrative tasks that, if done manually, would take hours in minutes. Some of the functions that will be automated include workforce planning, regulatory compliance, leave requests and performance management.

One of the most tedious HR functions is hiring; the HR personnel has to sift through tons of applications to find the select few. Organizations tend to outsource recruitment to HR consultants in reputable HR firms, such as Flex HR, to bring a fresh perspective to the process, among other benefits. Automation can help reduce the workload by sifting through the applications using indicators such as keywords to identify individuals that fit the criteria. This will ensure that HR hires individuals without any personal bias regarding gender, age, university attended, etc.

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