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HR Audits, Mergers & Acquisitions Chat With Atlanta’s Business Radio X

It’s only when you’re a business owner yourself that you fully understand the challenges other entrepreneurs face. Flex HR’s Founder, Jim Cichanski, sat down with Bill McDermott of ProfitSense on Business RadioX about his own entrepreneurial journey, what it took to start his Human Resources business, and how that experience aids in rendering outstanding service to clients. McDermott speaks to “[showcasing] the need for high quality human resources and that most businesses are not as focused as they should be to make sure their HR resources are taken care of.”

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Jim’s biggest revelation 21 years ago was recognizing the abundant need for an appropriate HR expert to be in place to provide an organization with the HR functions they need.


Thus, this idea was born, and Flex HR was created to support all human resources aspects, now positioning Flex HR as a top HR outsourcing firm and exceptional Administrative Service Organization (ASO). “The field of human resources is both challenging and rewarding” says McDermott. Outsourcing additional HR functions is the explicit niche that began protecting companies from HR risks.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), have been a huge part of Jim’s past and initial acknowledgement that businesses really need help with their HR long before a possible M&A. Jim discusses “the human capital is the most costly part of a company and employers don’t realize that until an actual HR audit. 85% of acquisitions don’t make it,” mostly because due diligence is not completed up front and the transition of employees with the new company fails to fit appropriately.

Jim stresses the importance of a HR audit for an organization lacking the proper HR professionals in place. “As a client joins us, Flex HR reviews everything they have, to then clean up what paperwork has been wrongfully completed and get them in order to be compliant.”

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Jim is the founder of Flex HR which is in its 21st year of business. Jim’s experience includes operational HR management knowledge globally in 32 countries and has merged or transitioned well over 350 organizations. He is known as a “Subject Matter Expert” in the field of HR. Last year with the COVID Pandemic Jim provided over 50 seminars reaching over 7,000 Owners and operators of small and mid-size businesses.

Jim also spent 27 years in the Army National Guard achieving the rank of Colonel, was inducted into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame, and received numerous awards including the Legion of Merit. Jim has served on several boards, was an inside board member of 17 companies, and is an angel investor in start-up firms in Atlanta. Jim was recognized by the North Fulton Atlanta Chamber of Commerce as the Small Businessperson of the year and was also listed in Catalyst Magazine as 1 of 18 Companies, CEO’s in Atlanta would like to own. Outsourcing Gazette magazine listed Flex HR as the “Top Most Promising HR & Staffing Service Vendors of 2015”. Inc. Magazine in September 2008, 2012 and 2013 recognized Flex HR, Inc. as an Inc 5000 “Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America”.
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