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6 Ways Businesses Can Honor Veteran’s Day

US Veteran with family in front of american flagVeteran’s Day falls on November 11 each year, and while most companies do not have this day off, recognizing veterans at work is the great opportunity for the workplace to thank and honor those that have served our country. Originally called “Armistice Day,” this commemoration, was first held on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of World War I.



Celebrate Veteran’s Day In The Workplace

  1. Hold a moment of silence

    Whether this is in your office or not, encourage employees to pause for a moment of silence at 11am.

  2. Recognize the Veterans at the office

    Veterans tend to carry a great deal of pride, so acknowledging these individuals in the workplace brings joy to them. Ask these individuals to share a story from their time in the military with the company or decorate their office space with red, white and blue for the day as a way of showing thanks.

  3. Assemble care packages for the troops

    There are so many organizations that collect package elements for the troops all year long. On Veteran’s day have your staff donate items and then have a packing party that afternoon to box up the goods. This is the perfect time of year to get that care package in the mail and shipped off for the holidays! There are a variety of local organizations and websites that provide detailed instructions such as Support Our Troops or Any

  4. Have a thank you note campaign

    Similar to collecting items for the troops, have each employee write a “thank you” card (or a few) and then ship out or hand deliver to a local Veterans Affairs Office. These thank you notes put on smile on veteran’s faces when they can’t be with family on the holidays.

  5. Hire a veteran

    Sometimes the transition to civilian life can be tough, but hiring a vet is always a great first step for them to put meaning and a purpose to their new career. Military service instills many positive qualities such as loyalty, a spirit of collaboration, decisiveness, thorough and a strong work ethic. To find out more about hiring veterans, you can start at the U.S. Department of Labor’s site.

  6. Offer discounts or extra perks for veterans

    Luckily today there is no shortage of businesses offering discounts for veterans on Veteran’s Day. From restaurants giving veterans free meals to retail stores providing various percentages off their products and services, this is generous way to show vets our thanks. Some businesses even offer year-round discounts or special promotions.

  7. Make a donation

    Create a fun way to involve employees on a company-wide donation. Or perhaps, donate a portion of your sales to a charity that supports veterans returning home to their families such as the Wounded Warrior Project or Operation Second Chance. Be sure to spread the word that any sales will be support a great cause.

2.5 Million businesses are Veteran owned and Flex HR is proud to be one! Jim Cichanski the Founder and CEO spent 27 years in the Army National Guard achieving the rank of Colonel. He was inducted into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame, receiving numerous awards including the Legion of Merit.


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