Monthly HR SIG Kettering Group Meetings

November 17 2010

  • WHEN:
  • WHERE: The Flex HR, Inc. Main Office

The Flex HR, Inc. office is the location for the Kettering HR SIG meetings. Cherie Pritchard, Vice President HR Client Services and Owner Jim Cichanski have teamed up to host these monthly meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday of every month, so please mark your calendars accordingly.

The first meeting was held successfully on Wednesday, October 20th, following the new schedule (Monthly/Evenings) and format (90 minutes - varied topics and speakers) that members requested through survey response. Members were lucky to have Salem Shunnarah the Senior Vice President Aon Consulting, Health and Benefits Practice as our first speaker. He discussed the new Health Care Reform Law and what it means for your company and to you as HR professionals. We are also happy to announce that during the October meeting, networking was the catalyst of one of the members obtaining a great employment assignment.

If you would like to attend more meetings and support your group, please contact Nancy Glube, KetteringCareerNetwork@yahoogroups.com for more information.

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