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Thank You For Attending Our 2024 HR Bootcamp and Making it a Success!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed hearing from our HR experts on the pressing topics of Human Resources and want to express our heartfelt gratitude in your participation in
our HR Bootcamp. We trust that the knowledge and insights gained during the bootcamp are proving valuable and that you are applying these learned assets to your business’s HR best practices.

Human Resources are a vital part of any prosperous business, as they are responsible for helping to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of running of the organization.
That is why many companies turn to Flex HR for professional assistance with complex HR tasks such as payroll, benefits, onboarding, talent management, employment law
compliance, and other key HR functions.

Your engagement, enthusiasm, and appreciated contributions were integral to the vibrant atmosphere, creating a priceless learning experience for all.

Topics Covered In Our Bootcamp

Remote & Hybrid Work

The way employees physically work has changed drastically since the Covid Pandemic in 2020. Four years later and businesses are recognizing that a remote workforce in some capacity is here to stay. It’s important to keep the company culture strong amidst the adaptations. Flex HR has put together recommendations for managing a work force that is away from the physical and designated workspace.

Remote & Hybrid Work Recap Document

Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the landscape for decades, there has been a recent surge in the way is being used in the workplace. Apps like ChatGPT are being integrated into daily routines of employees within various industries. HR professionals need to measure the risk of AI to data security within companies and update policies and procedures to incorporate the use of AI. Flex HR outlines the advantages and disadvantages of AI in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence Recap Document

Employee Handbook

A company’s Handbook is the most powerful tool used both to communicate necessary legal and compliance related workplace information as well as company culture, tone, and value. HR experts should review an organization’s policies and procedures frequently to be sure they are up-to-date. Flex HR shares our tips for writing an Employee Handbook.

Employee Handbook Recap Document
Strategic Values & Org Chart Recap Document

Payroll Tax Management

The payroll tax lifecycle is a complicated one. Especially if you have employees in various states. From establishment to dissolution of the business, to the hiring and then the termination of employment, Flex HR walks you through the stages of the payroll tax lifecycle.

Payroll Tax Management Webinar

Workplace Violence Prevention

The physical workplace is being challenged with instances of violence, both from outside and within the employees who work together. Various shooting tragedies within physical workplaces in the U.S. have continued to dominate headlines. Preparation is a key factor to help minimize the risks of a particular event happening. Flex HR recommends having an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place.

Workplace Violence Prevention Recap Document
Employee Assistance Recap Document

Employee Retention Best Practices

There are several reasons there are not as many W2 employees as there were 10 years ago in the U.S. This is why it’s more important than ever to retain quality talent in your organization. Flex HR takes you through compensation strategies, PTO policies, and rewarding benefit packages to attract and preserve your best people.

Benefit Recommendations Recap
PTO and Holiday Schedule Recommendations Recap

Stay Connected To Flex HR

We look forward to staying connected and supporting your growth in your professional journey within the HR field. We encourage continuous learning, commitment, and further conversations regarding the topics discussed in our event to enhance your skills. If you have any further questions or need HR assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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In partnership with SHRM Atlanta. For their attendance, participants receive 4.5 SHRM PDC/ HRCI CEU.

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Thank you to our panel of HR experts:

Jim Cichanski
Founder & CHRO

Jennifer Morehead

Vivian Clarke
HR Consultant

Gretchen Groh
Director of Compliance

Mary Ann Haskins
Senior HR Consultant

Steve Lovig
Senior HR Consultant

Nicole Mitchell
Director of HR

John Cascone
Senior Vice President

Melissa Whisler

Jessica Stafford
Director of Payroll Tax

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Special Guest: Greg Hare, Ogetree Deakins attorney who specializes in HR compliance

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