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Red Flags in Your Resume That Make it Harder to Get a Job

On average, Indeed reports that recruiters spend a very short six to seven seconds looking at one resume. Of course, there are many factors that go into how long a recruiter spends on a candidate’s credentials, so it’s important to know the red flags that might get your resume in the “NO” pile.

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What Is Considered A Red Flag By Recruiters?

  1. Typos and Grammatical Errors

85% of recruiters turn a resume down if they see typos or grammatical errors. We all make mistakes, but not triple checking your resume for such a simple slipup will get you bumped out of the running for the job you want. Watch out for inconsistent dates Having a neat, professionally designed, and organized resume is Important.


  1. Employment Gaps

Gaps in your work history are definitely going to catch a recruiter’s eye, putting you in the red flag pile. 69% of recruiters instantly pass on a candidate with major employment gaps, so if you get the interview, be ready to explain.


  1. Job Hopping

If you are jumping from job to job, 52% of recruiters are already worried about this, and 84% totally turn a candidate down, worried that you too, will jump from their company to the next in a short period of time. Training a new employee takes time and effort, and so does the period to which that employee settles in. Therefore, recruiters are hesitant to put that exertion into a candidate that is known to jump around.


  1. Vague Job Description

Clarity is key when listing your job experience. Clearly spell out your job responsibilities and keep it focused on your key qualifications. Otherwise, 50 % of recruiters pass on a resume that is filled with too many details, jargon overload, and irrelevant information. Same goes for the title of your previous positions. “Search Engine Ninja” might sound catchy to you, but a recruiter doesn’t want to dig to find out exactly what you mean. “SEO Specialist” gets your resume into the right pile to be studied further.


  1. Resume Length

A resume that is too long or too short can be red flags for recruiters. Jobera talked to Flex HR’s, Jennifer Preston, HR Consultant and Recruiter, who says “I often see 4-5 page resumes explaining every role, every task completed, every detail, often repeating from role to role.  I even recently saw a 10-page resume!  Resumes should be brief, but full bodied, one-pagers accompanied by a Cover Letter highlighting the key, relevant points that differentiate a candidate from another.” If you have a lot of experience, focus on the highlights that matter most to the recruiter.


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While these listed above are the top five red flags that make recruiters want to pass on your resume, there are of course many others to watch for.


Red Flag Recruiter Chart

From an HR and recruiting standpoint, the bottom line is to keep your resume tight, bright and right. This is your personal ad to show yourself off on what you do so well. Remember to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Add in a personal experience or note about what you’ve done that makes you perfect for the job you are applying for.


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