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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took over and businesses had to close their office doors, working from home has become the preferred method by many employees and employers alike. While working remotely is not a new concept, it has certainly evolved into a majorly heated debate among employers.

For company owners, it reduces the overhead costs of an office, copy machine, office equipment, and more. For employees, it takes away commute times and allows them to live where they would like to be, regardless of a company’s headquarters.

Consequently, there has been a significant increase of businesses with regularly teleworking staff. Businesses are progressively looking to outsource their HR and payroll necessities appropriately.

Flex HR is your go-to for Human Resources and payroll as your company either starts off as fully remote or your office space is eliminated; therefore promptly becoming 100% remote. We work with a variety of companies that have fully or partially isolated workforces and have the answers when it comes to all the unknowns of a remote working environment.

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When bringing your company remote, consider the following questions:

  • How will we stay engaged as a workforce when we aren’t able to gather around the proverbial water cooler at the office?
  • How do we cover the payroll tax laws in the various states where our employees are located?
  • How do we offer benefits to employees in various states?
  • How do we write an employee handbook that encompasses all the different people and states in our organization?
  • How do we judge performance from afar?
  • How do we train people from a great distance, without sometimes not meeting in person?
  • How do we manage the technicalities of onboarding an employee from afar?


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From the beginning, Flex HR ensures that your company is compliant from an HR and payroll perspective, and create a customized employee handbook to accommodate your various employees in the state they reside in. We set up any state unemployment insurance (SUI) or state income tax (SIT) payroll tax codes for states where there are workers and where the codes have not already been established. We then use a tailor-made repository of state compliance laws to quickly put together your HR compliance needs within the states where you are present. In a nutshell, Flex HR covers you from every angle in the process.

Questions that may arise with workers in various states include:

  • At onboarding, what state-ordered documents must an employee receive?
  • Should an employee need to see anti-harassment training videos based on their state?
  • What type of PTO policy is legal in the states where your employees are located?
  • At termination, how long do you have to pay an employee based on if they are voluntarily or involuntarily terminated and in what state?
  • At termination, must unused PTO be paid out based on the state where the employee lives?

Flex HR Support For Your Company

We highly recommend setting up the mission and vision for your organization. Flex HR prepares the leaders in your organization with a training session during the implementation process to educate them on answers to the HR and payroll compliance questions above. An HR Manager, as well as a Payroll Manager, who is an expert in understanding the nuances of various state HR and payroll compliance rules is assigned to your company.

We introduce you to our benefits brokers who actually specialize in remote work companies. Our connections provide competitive rates and excellent service for your company. Flex HR understands your particular needs for your company, and thus, craft a benefits package customized for your organization.

We coach you on the best practices for managing employees, because it’s important when you are operating any organization, remote or in person, to engage your employees. This includes one-on-one meetings between managers and direct reports. A manager huddle goes a long way to touch based on a particular frequency, usually each weekday or 2-3 times per week. Annual performance reviews are also highly advised.

Flex HR correspondingly provides support in engaging your workforce from afar. This means training people from a distance, generating your organization chart to enhance longevity, and strategizing ways to enrich company culture.

Establishing technology tools to act as the platform for your remote work is an important step as well. A trusted source is key for your information technology leader. You can usually outsource this function as well.


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We recommend the following technology tools:

  • Establish a video conference platform to meet internally and with external clients.
  • Create a shared drive that is protected and keeps your client’s confidential information.
  • Work with a payroll platform that doubles as a human resources information system (HRIS), which is a place that you can store employee files and see important company documents.
  • Decide on the type of laptops that you want as a company and make sure that you own these laptops, to protect your company’s information.
  • Establish an online training repository for your employees.
  • Create an online performance review system.


Flex HR uncovers different tips to help with fully remote companies, or organizations that have only some remote employees. We help navigate the complex questions regarding a remote workforce and maintain your HR and payroll so you can focus on the job at hand. It’s an exciting new world where employees are blazing the path with their wants and needs at the forefront. Let Flex HR be your remote working resource.

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