by Flex HR

Resignations, Remote Work, and the New Era of HR

Jim Cichanski, Founder & CHRO of Flex HR, shares his extensive HR background, delving into remote work and “The Great Resignation,” along with the implications the pandemic had on the workforce in the latest Aepiphanni pod cast.

In this episode, Jim details out his extensive background in Human Resources and shares his experience in owning his own HR consulting firm.

The Great Resignation of 2022 and 2023


Along with that, he talks about the immense responsibilities that have complicated the HR realm since the start of the pandemic. Diving into the depths of “The Great Resignation,” listeners learn how COVID-19 impacted the workforce and the way it once was. Now post Pandemic he explains how it allowed  for a new generation of remote workers to prosper, personally and professionally. to attract qualified candidates.


Jim Cichanski The Great Resignation

The desire to remain remote poses complicated challenges, and the necessity for businesses to follow strict compliance laws in order to avoid high penalties. A part of adapting to this new normal is ensuring that new remote policies are outlined clearly in company handbooks. Flex HR helps do just that.


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