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How To Navigate Open Enrollment Benefit Choices

Employers cringe this time of year because it can be confusing comprehending the unfamiliar concepts of benefit offerings and then identifying which benefits are a right match for their employees.

Open enrollment is an opportunity for employers to adjust the benefit options they previously offered their employees or elect new plans. This period of time for most companies falls in November, to which all forms must be returned and processed in order for the new benefit plans to take over on January 1 of the new year.

Open Enrollment Employee Benefits Programs


It takes weeks or even months for HR professionals to investigate and negotiate with various insurance carriers to align the right fit for their organization.

This is what HR professionals are for, so don’t fret! Flex HR is your dedicated Human Resources backbone for all things HR. We’re an HR outsourcing and consulting firm that delivers all the HR support that you need – including help with those confusing and complicated benefits.


Open Enrollment Benefits Choices


Flex HR Is Your Benefits Solution Management Provider

Consider Flex HR your benefits solution and management provider. We totally manage the complex benefits and insurance process for you. We work with your broker to deliver the census data for the broker to analyze market comparison costs, all the while the current vendor provides renewal information.

Founder & CHRO of Flex HR, Jim Cichanski, explains “we act as the client’s HR department, working with the broker to achieve the best plans possible for the cost the company is willing to pay.”  Employees may be offered quality health, vision, dental, disability and even pet insurance plans that are consistent with the company’s culture. “We do what it takes to offer employers and their employees the best plans achievable. Sometimes that takes getting creative by adding higher deductibles, and also adding a GAP plan to strategically project for the future years of not seeing large increases,” Jim outlines. We work with all industries and companies of all sizes.

Open Enrollment Employer Benefits

After the benefit and insurance selections are made, our Flex HR team communicates and conducts the open enrollment process for you. It’s imperative to personalize these messages to employees so they understand the guidance they are receiving in choosing their perfect plan.

Our dedicated and dependable experts reduce your leadership roles from consuming the burden of completing these tasks. We seamlessly systematize your company’s benefits to increase effective record keeping and ensure all reconciliations are up to date, protecting critical employee files. Our support keeps your organization in compliance with employment laws.

Contact Flex HR today for your benefits enrollment needs.