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Company Culture Building – Flex HR Takes On Top Golf

The company culture at Flex HR is everything to us. We strive to come together for major team meetings each month, each quarter, and then once or twice a year we have a company-wide gathering. This September Flex HR was lucky to have our affiliate partners at Ameritas, Stadion, and Netchex sponsor this fun event. Flex HR employees got to bring their whole family and enjoy the afternoon at Top Golf.

Flex HR Company Event in Atlanta


During the COVID-19 outbreak, 35% of companies did not hold a virtual team culture event.

Post Pandemic, Flex HR is exhilarated to be able to come together for work outings! Mary Schroeder, VP of Human Resources, remarked “It was great getting together with the Flex HR Team at Top Golf.  Getting to hang out with my coworkers at a fun event is a great way to bond since we work remotely.”


Family Company Outing Workplace Ideas in Atlanta GA

Our Flex HR staff appreciates the significance of the time we schedule to meet face to face over Zoom and Teams meetings each week, furthermore we also have started monthly lunches in our Atlanta and Chicago offices. These lunches are a wonderful way for co-workers to see one another in person to hash out work concerns, but also have a laugh around the lunch table.

A distinct workplace culture is critical to business growth and success.

According to Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees. When employees feel that their role matters and is valuable, then consequently, boosts in productivity are seen as well.

Flex HR Employees at Company Event

As we all know, the pandemic has changed work environments forever.

If Businesses haven’t set aside the bandwidth to invest in their workplace culture, it’s more relevant than ever to define a clear set of values on which to base practices and review these policies as the company grows and develops.

Employees at Flex HR Consulting Celebrate

People management has played an essential role in preserving an organization’s culture.

A recent SHRM report says “nearly 9 in 10 workers (87%) indicated that their manager contributes to setting their work team environment.”

Mary adds “to keep my team engaged and motivated I give them support and consistency making sure the HR department knows we are a TEAM!” Managers need to truly care for their teams and be a good mentor in order to train and cultivate their team effectively.

Team building exercises and excursions outside the workplace have a proven track record that shows a surge in positivity, trust and overall morale towards the company.

“Flex HR, had a wonderful outing for their employees where we were able to go enjoy food, drinks, and golf, at Top Golf,”

brags Jamie Phillips, VP of Payroll. “This allowed us to spend time with other and meet significant others and children. Flex HR is an employee focused company, that allows for on and off the clock fun events. I love the fact that I was able to reengage into golf, I forgot how much I loved the sport. I cannot imagine working anywhere else that would allow for work-life balance and such generous outings.”

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