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Flex HR Attends Human Resources & Talent Development Conference

Flex HR had the honor of serving as a sponsor at the Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) Human Resources & Talent Development conference this year in Jekyll Island, GA. CBA was formed “primarily to represent the political interests of the independently-owned banks of Georgia.”

The conference dove into some sensitive HR topics such as people operations, HR as a business driver, HR technology, employee experience, leadership awareness, and the top reasons employees are resigning.

Westin Jekyll Island CBA HR Conference


It’s great to see the banking community gather to increase their HR knowledge by attending this conference and gaining exposure and insight to these important HR aspects that were covered. Flex HR really enjoys sending our consultants, or in this case our Founder & CHRO, to these events to share our HR expertise on various subject matters.


Flex HR Attends CBA HR Talent Conference in Jekyll Island

Talent development has been a major point of discussion in HR departments since the turnover rate has spiked. Employees are looking for more drive and more skill sets to advance themselves. Therefore, it’s important for managers to put training programs into place to be continuously nurturing their staff.

Strategically optimizing employees by looking into their behavioral capabilities for the best productivity levels is imperative to any business, to which this often begins with the proper workforce training. Flex HR outlines a structured plan to enhance Human Resource Management (HRM), a key aspect to mentoring leadership positions.

Flex HR also defines limitation and the weaknesses that individuals are encountering, which may lead to an organizational shift. Sometimes it’s necessary to move employees around within a company to build more successful teams in the long run. This allows for better workforce synergy and response time to current needs.

As always, positive reinforcement and optimistic progression is the way to grow a company and sustain its culture properly. As we all know, company culture plays a huge role in employee satisfaction and loyalty within their organization. Thus, leading that employee to remain content and stay at their place of work.

Flex HR provides a variety of training and development programs, coaching and mentoring. We will get to know your organization and prepare a strategy to educate and grow the abilities of your staff.

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