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Strategic Planning – Leaving Nothing to Chance

At Flex HR, we keep track of the latest HR-related news on behalf of our valued customers and those that are in search of a premier human resources partner. Employee retention and workplace engineering has been one hot topic and trend we have seen continuing this year.

Hot Topics in Human Resources for 2022

Employee Retention and Workforce Engineering


As small and medium size business emerge from the pandemic, they are encountering two significant and interacting challenges: the retention of valued employees to the business and the redeployment of human resources to support the growth of the business and at the same time accommodate the needs of its employees.

Read more about how we’re exploring employee retention and workforce reengineering in the workplace.


Latest News in HR for 2022

Success At Flex – Solving the HR Puzzle

Human Resources can be extremely demanding but ask our consultants and staff and they will tell you that’s a part of what they love about their job – getting to solve the HR puzzle (in this case payroll) and turning a challenge into an accomplishment.

Recently at Flex HR we worked with a client that was reeling from trying to maintain focus on both the big-picture organization transformation of a divestiture plus two acquisitions. In addition, they were keeping the details of HRIS implementations and benefits open enrollment moving forward. When a payroll provider was not able to provide the support they had committed to, Flex HR stepped in to save the day. Flex HR may be just what you need when you need it!

Read more about how Flex HR was able to resolve our latest payroll case.


The Top Trends for 2022

Human Resources is ever-changing, and Flex HR constantly stays on top of the latest headlines and newsworthy topics to convey back to our audiences.

If we learned anything from the last two years, it is that we need to adapt in how and where we work. We learned that the world is becoming increasingly more home-centered as work becomes a virtual instead of a physical environment.

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HR bootcamps:

Did you know that Flex HR offers Human Resources bootcamps? We Recently conducted another successful bootcamp. This seminar interconnected HR trends that have evolved since the Pandemic, outlined key polices and discussed best HR practices for about Practice managers from Veterinary Practices all over attended this particular bootcamp.

Flex HR can host a webinar, seminar, bootcamp, or other training on your topic of choice. Email us at for more information.

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