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Flex HR Conducts Another Successful Bootcamp

Flex HR’s Jim Cichanski, Founder & CHRO, and Dr. John Cascone, Sr Vice President do it again with another successful 3-day Human Resources Bootcamp. So many companies come to Flex HR for general HR outsourcing help and realize they are lost when it comes to Human Resources. Thus, business owners and executives look to our bootcamps as an impressive learning tool for business owners themselves and their managers.


Successful Human Resources Training


Practice managers from Veterinary Practices all over attended this particular 3-day bootcamp in Atlanta, GA at the end of March. The focus of this exclusive seminar was about HR trends evolving through the Pandemic and newly adapted best practices for business owners and management.

Typical outline of what topics are included in our Bootcamps:

  • HR trends
  • HR policies
  • Wage & Hour
  • Retention
  • Performance management
  • Onboarding
  • Millennial management
  • Practice exercises
  • Panel open discussions of HR hot news topics
  • Q & A

Of course, any of our Human Resources Bootcamp conferences can be customized to include HR topics you wish for your company and staff to learn more about.

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