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Success at Flex – Solving the HR Payroll Puzzle

Human Resources can be extremely demanding but ask our consultants and staff and they will tell you that’s a part of what they love about their job – getting to solve the HR puzzle (in this case payroll) and turning a challenge into an accomplishment. At Flex HR we love sharing our success stories with you. Here’s our latest and greatest client case resolved.

Solving the HR Puzzle


Recently, Flex HR began working with a client that was reeling from trying to maintain focus on both the big-picture organization transformation of a divestiture plus two acquisitions. In addition, they were keeping the details of their HRIS implementations and benefits open enrollment moving forward. When a payroll provider was not able to provide the support they had committed to, Flex HR rapidly stepped in to save the day.

Flex HR immediately provided a senior consultant who was an expert in managing the “existential crises” of divestitures and acquisitions. Our consultant was also able to quickly help with their open enrollment. After the first phone call, Flex HR developed a strategic path forward, and within hours had proof of concept with a novel solution using a widely available app. Our consultant’s extensive experience contributed to better anticipating employee reactions.

The technology that our consultant used gave employees a personalized route through the complicated enrollment questionnaire and a Premium Planner to calculate the impact of different voluntary benefit selections. Our Flex HR consultant also navigated and resolved the benefits questions from young employees who had never picked a plan before.

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