by Flex HR

HR Insight on Talent Attraction and Retention Strategies

The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce invites Flex HR’s very own Founder & CHRO, Jim Cichanski, to present at their small business success series. This portion of the seminar will talk about talent attraction and retention in 2022.

Is your company looking for employees? Have you updated your job descriptions with additional employee benefits? Does your organization offer a hybrid work environment? 

Employee Hire Train Motivate Retain


Top employers who are thinking outside the box, attracting top talent, and retaining employees during this time of an employee rich market will be presenting all of their remarkable HR knowledge on these hot topics.

Key points that Jim Cichanski will specifically be talking about include innovative recruiting tactics, creative ways to keep employees happy to reduce turnover, the importance of a strong company culture and possible refresh, as well as more modern employee offerings by their employer.

When: April 14, 2022
Time: Noon – 1:30 {Lunch included}
Where: 10000 Avalon Boulevard, Suite 100 | Alpharetta, GA


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