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How to Do (and Not Do) Performance Reviews Remotely

Maybe your company’s performance reviews have taken a hiatus in the past year or two with the Pandemic interrupting routine workplace practices. Tough, performance reviews are especially important for those businesses where employees are still working from home.

Employee Performance Review


Traditionally, these performance reviews are scheduled in advance for the manager and employee to sit down together to discuss how an employee is doing within their current role. Feedback is exchanged and next steps are outlined followed by a short write up of the review.

However, going into 2022, most organizations have their staff working a hybrid schedule in the office environment, or their employees are still working from home.

Jennifer Preston, and Flex HR Consultant, tells reworked that “performance reviews should be attempted to be done in person if possible — even if people work remotely. If both parties can’t meet at a location once a year, doing the video review may suffice.”

“Schedule uninterrupted time without distractions to ensure the employee knows he/she is the priority during that window of time,” Preston said. The remote environment offers opportunities for employees to eliminate distractions that may creep into an office environment. Blocking out time on the calendar when there are no distractions from Slack and other things can be beneficial.

Conducting regular performance reviews has its advantages. Nonetheless, reworked says not to make the review one-sided, don’t leave any surprises or blindside the employee and do not only review the past, but also set a trajectory for growth opportunities.

Try to keep the review positive and provide beneficial pointers because 71% of employees who believe that their boss can identify their abilities are more engaged and enthusiastic at work reports a Gallup study.

Now is the time make it a priority of predetermining employee performance reviews. According to SHRM more than 9 in 10 managers are not happy with the current annual review process, and almost 9 in 10 HR leaders stated the process does not give accurate information. If your company is struggling to streamline the review process Flex HR is here to help.

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