by Flex HR

Ideas to Empower Today’s Business Owner: How do you Create Repeat Customers?

How to Create Repeat Customers

Of course, every organization wants a new clientele to grow their business, but don’t forget about your repeat customers. Those repetitive individuals that keep coming back to spend even more money, make them a valuable asset to your company. Spectrum Business asked 5 businesses owners how they drive repeat customers.


1. Stay Connected With Clients


Flex HR’s CEO, Jenny Morehead jumps in to say “I think it’s critical with any type of sales to make sure your end product or service is “sticky”—meaning that it keeps your users engaged, month after month, year after year. You need to ensure that they can’t walk away from you. We work with clients in all different types of industries, and we have quarterly meetings with our clients to check in, let them know what we are doing and ask what we can be doing better. We are in touch with our clients each week, but having these quarterly meetings makes sure we are proactively attending to their needs.”

2. Personalize the Customer Experience


Create a more genuine relationship with your customer by getting to know them as a person as well as just adhering to their business needs.

3. Engage Over Social Media


Being interactive and engaging with clients on a regular basis helps remind them you are there to support and help them.

4. Provide Education and Nurturing


Employers should differentiate their business by providing adequate training, education and then nurturing those learnings.

5. Build a Community


Whether it’s online or offline, employees should feel like they are joining a team.

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