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The Nuances Of Employees Returning To Work, Post Pandemic

Return to office work from home

While employees may be getting used to their new working environments from home over the past year or so, HR experts say employees need to start returning to their offices. The list of reasons drags on, but factors include decreased productivity working remotely, poor working conditions at home, managing employees is more difficult, obstacles with training new employees, camaraderie is missing, employee mental stress while at home is rising, increased drinking and drug use on the job, increased anxiety, and office space cost.



Jim Cichanski, Flex HR’s Founder and CHRO, sat down with Jim Weber of ITB Partners to talk about the return of employees going back into the office, post pandemic. Hybrid models have become the most popular method of workforces returning to the office on a gradual basis. 

Employees are voicing their concerns with going back into the office, which is why human resources needs to update their policies now to include returning to work procedures as well as working from home guidelines. These policies need to be added to clearly communicate what is required of employees, the safety guidelines that have been put in place and to safeguard against any legal dilemmas that could occur.

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