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Has Covid Changed The Traditional Office For Good?

Traditional Office Space Post Covid

According to a recent study by Stanford University, a staggering 42% of American workers are now working from home full-time.



It’s been nearly a year and a half since COVID first started settling into the US and talking a toll on effecting businesses.

Workers have been forced to adapt quickly to working from home conditions and we know this challenge has had lingering outcomes.

But now there are more unanswered questions about what is going to happen from this point on, and especially now that workers are becoming vaccinated. Flex HR’s CEO Jenny Morehead was among 16 HR decision-makers that were interviewed to talk about how COVID has changed the traditional office for good.

Jenny states “We’re doing some really innovative things with our team at Flex HR in light of the changes from Covid. Before Covid, our team worked 40 hours per week in the office. After Covid, when we can safely return to the office, we’ll most likely require one day in the office per week, one day recommended in the office per week, and the rest from home. This schedule gives our employees options as long as they continue to perform.

We feel that this will be the right combination between developing our team and culture and giving people more work/life balance.”

Check out the full article and read what other HR decision-makers have to say here.

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