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National Administrative Professionals Day 2021

Employee Rewards Programs & IncentivesToday we thank the many dedicated administrative staff members who work hard to represent their company. Administrative Professionals Day spotlights the important role of administrative staff in all sectors of the modern economy world. Across the U.S. many employers and managers arrange events or special ways of showing their gratitude of the work carried out by their administrative workforce throughout the year.



Administrative Professionals Day actually dates all the way back to World War II, when there was a need for skilled administrative personnel. Out of this came the National Secretaries Association to recognize the contributions of secretaries and administrative individuals working hard in the field. The first National Secretaries Week was in 1952 and the Wednesday of that week legitimately became National Secretaries Day. In 2000, the name officially dropped “Secretaries” and National Administrative Professionals Day it became.

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Acknowledging and formally appreciating the efforts of your staff is so crucial this year more than ever with remote and hybrid teams having to adapt to their new working environments. Administrative professionals are the glue that support the everyday challenges of the office helping employees stay productive during the pandemic.

6 Ways To Show Some Appreciation:

  1. Thank you note from management or a mentor
  2. Gift card for coffee, a restaurant or their favorite store
  3. Breakfast or Lunch on the company
  4. Time off for a day or afternoon as a special treat for them to take time for themselves
  5. Reimbursement for professional development courses
  6. Recognition for birthdays, work anniversaries, good deeds and hard work praises

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