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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a C-Suite Executive

Jenny Morehead CEO Flex HR“Be true to yourself. It’s also not a long, straight path. Be sure to make decisions that fit you and your skill set and challenge yourself with the opportunities to do not what is popular or sounds good at a cocktail party, but what will benefit you in the long term.”



Jenny Morehead, CEO of Flex HR, sat down with Parveen Panawar of Medium Magazine to share her opinions on their series called “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company.” She explains how her character traits have played a major role in her determination; specifically, her resilience, discipline, and time management. Jenny also describes how an “executive is truly responsible for all the innerworkings of the entire organization. You need to move quickly and nimbly to make sure you avoid massive pitfalls, and don’t be afraid to admit to your mistakes along the way.” She goes on to talk about how authenticity is an extremely important trait to help executives create a genuine company culture, but most of all, to be kind. Supporting each individual positively brings out their best performance. Jenny gloats “the people on our team at Flex HR try their best every day to help our clients and I really enjoy watching their passion.”

5 Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading From the C-Suite:

  1. You are always selling. Every single day, whether I’m actually selling to a client or hearing from a vendor, I am actively selling my own brand and the brand of my company. Everyone is inter-related, and it is truly a small world.
  2. You are always recruiting. My facialist gave me a great lead on someone to hire. In every conversation you are always recruiting.
  3. Do a daily huddle. Make sure to bring your managers together in a daily huddle. While the extra meetings might seem excessive, it saves everyone time in the end and builds culture.
  4. Focus on the process and the systems and get them right. Your process and systems as a company are what sets you a part. Everyone has great ideas but not everyone can execute.
  5. Help everyone win at their job. Your job as the CEO is to get the best performance out of every single person on your team.

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