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The Best Things About Being An Atlanta Business Owner

Skyline of Downtown Atlanta GA at Sunset

Atlanta’s business market has been holding steady, despite impacts from the pandemic that hit last year. The Atlanta area has a lot to offer between the diverse talent pool, reduced regulation and lower cost of living.


Here are a few factors that make owning a business in Atlanta so appealing:

  • Atlanta’s metro population is the 5th largest in the U.S., with 5.9 million residents.
  • Atlanta ranked 2nd last year for the best business climate.
  • Atlanta’s unemployment rate is 5.4%, which ranks 17th out of 51 for large metropolitan areas.
  • The metro area continues to attract Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.

Best Small Business Owner Atlanta

“There is lots of opportunity and support [in Atlanta], tons of entrepreneurial groups to get involved in, networking groups, CEO groups, etc., just a heaven for small to midsize companies to do B2B sales,” said Flex HR’s founder Jim Cichanski. Flex HR is a full-service Human Resources consulting and outsourcing firm, headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of Johns Creek, GA. So, what’s the best advice on starting a company in the Atlanta area? Jim added that for a new business to thrive, they need to become part of the Atlanta community, saying, “Network, there are so many opportunities, angel investor meetings, etc.”

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