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Flex HR Welcomes Jenny Morehead

Jenny Morehead CEO Flex HRWe are excited to welcome Jennifer “Jenny” Morehead to Flex HR as our new CEO. Jenny has always been an entrepreneur, with a strong sales and marketing background. Her passion is to exceed client expectations by building strong and successful teams.

Before stepping on board with Flex HR, Jenny effectively launched a marketing solutions company for local businesses through the country. She was responsible for human resources in addition to her duties as CEO. Prior to her marketing solutions business she helped with recruiting, hiring, and creating new employee training sessions for a media company.



Jenny is thrilled to be partnering with Jim Cichanski, Flex HR’s founder. While Jim brought a career filled with human resources knowledge, the partnership with Jenny’s sales and operational strategies have further strengthened Flex HR.

Jim Cichanski, Founder and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of Flex HR says “I am pleased to be working side by side with Jenny. She brings great innovative solutions to strengthen our core value of excellence in Client services. Jenny is assisting in system integration to manage all the labor laws throughout the country, making it easier to focus on providing professional human resources deliverables to our Clients.”

Jenny co-authored Make Your Business Social, which was published by New York-based Business Expert Press. She has also written CEO From Home, expected in 2021 from John Hunt Publishing. CEO From Home details how people can start, acquire or maintain a virtual business and features important human resources advice throughout the book.

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