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Business Sight’s ‘Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020’ Honors Flex HR

Business Sight Magazine and Flex HR Jim Cichanski Entrepreneurship 2020Business Sight chose Jim Cichanski, Flex HR’s Founder and CEO as one of their “Visionary Leaders at the Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020.” The article emphasizes Flex HR’s stellar business consulting and outsourcing services, their competitive edge over competitors and holistic full-service human capital offerings.



“Flex HR is one of the leading HR agencies that are leveraging businesses. They have a sound understanding of human resources policies and procedures, and hence, the company has hundreds of clients in its portfolio.”

All the while shaping the vital Human Resources experience to be positively gratifying. The magazine explains “businesses require seamless management of several teams. As these teams are responsible for the organization’s growth, they need to be effective, efficient and performing in top condition.” This is precisely how Flex HR supports an abundance of organizations in managing their taskforce without any hassle.

HR is fundamentally imperative for any size business. It’s critical to manage, protect, and grow the assets of a business. Human Resources is the most valuable asset, which requires the same attention; however, many companies lack the knowledge and experience to handle them properly. That’s why business owners turn to outsourcing some or all of their HR to HR experts. Flex HR is that white glove full-service HR firm, customizing plans based on the needs of each client.

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Flex HR specialists serve thousands of different organizations, in countless industries, with company sizes varying from a few to over 75,000 employees. They offer many levels of services including HR consulting, outsourcing (HRO), compliance, recruiting & talent acquisition, training & development, and onboarding administration.

Flex HR serves almost every industry in all 50 states, including Georgia, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Tennessee, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Canada and Europe supporting U.S. subsidiaries of foreign owned companies.

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