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New Year’s Resolutions for Human Resources Executives in the Greater Atlanta Area

2020 New Years Resolutions for HR Executives in AtlantaHello 2020! The New Year in the workplace is a great way to change your attitude and have a fresh new outlook on the upcoming year. As we enter the next decade it’s the perfect time to hit refresh and focus on those to-do items that keep getting pushed off to the side – whether its implementing better office policies, changing company benefits or adapting new HR tools.


Listen to Employees

Supporting your workers and listening to their needs is a huge key to retaining your workforce. Pleasant and meaningful employee experiences are the key to keeping your staff happy and boosting their job satisfaction. In return for feeling valued, productivity tends to escalate.

Building better relationships with upper management and encouraging leadership to do the same within their teams and direct reports, customarily creates a comfortable nurturing culture.

Recruit Well

Hiring the best qualified candidate is vital for growing your company’s success. It all begins by writing a precise job description, researching experienced applicants, properly screening, interviewing and then selecting the most suitable contender to fill your position objectives. One of the key successes to hiring accurately is the Behavioral Fit. Interviewing candidates for this dynamic is very different than looking for a warm body to fill the job. Factors included in a behavioral interview determine features such as the environment the candidate worked in before, justifying how the individual will connect with the company’s culture. Another important element is what discipline has the person experienced in their past positions, as well as life in general, that can be applied to Management’s needs of your company. Looking further into a contender’s behavior should reassure they accomplish objectives, meet deadlines and reach their goals because it’s proven from their previous job responsibilities, ratifying you expect the same from an employee in your company to do.

Diversity is also a key factor to your talent acquisition. There is added value to a workforce that is made up of individuals with wide-ranging job levels, various backgrounds and assorted skillsets. When hiring a new team member, matching dexterity with company culture is also essential to enhance your business.

Retaining your employees should also be top of mind. Again, focus on keeping your staff happy, which leads to confidence and satisfaction of their workload, roles and responsibilities, and job position.

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Training and Development

Providing personalized coaching for each employee is an important step in growing all your business’s human capital functions. We know the significance to properly educate new hires so they flourish and grow within their role but retraining current employees may also be necessary to increase their performance. Mentor programs often help strengthen team-building efforts so that each individual can thrive.

Expert HR knowledge is vital to provide employees the accurate training and development needed for mastering technical and behavioral proficiencies to succeed within the company; ultimately advancing and evolving the business as a whole.

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Ensure Compliance

The government is as complex as ever and it’s hard to keep up with the various laws that are continuously changing. Stay on top of your company’s compliance by following the appropriate documentation processes to abide by such important acts and laws that are enforced in the workplace. Often a team of HR experts are brought in to resolve the mess of problematic paper trails of erroneous files. Make a resolution to audit your compliance to measure where your company stands. Non-compliant issues within an organization cost companies millions every day. If you’re unaware of how your business must be structured to meet compliance rules and regulations, make it a top priority to ask a professional HR firm to complete an audit for you.

Take the right steps to confirm your company is in compliance with current rules and regulations.

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Outsource Needed HR

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day and your work tasks begin a snowball effect of rolling into more and more assignments and suddenly you’re losing sleep at night over the HR resolutions you set for yourself. That’s when the solution is to turn to HR experts to handle your HR essentials. Nearly 85% of organizations outsource at least some HR functions, according to “Outsourcing HR: Big Savings for Small Business,” by Adam Skolnick, The Fiscal Times. Flex HR handles all HR functions to take the burden off your shoulders so you can get back to your business and rest assured your most valuable assets, Human Resources, are in trusted hands.

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