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Mike Zagrodny, Senior Vice President

Mike Zagrodny has the gift to see business issues from the perspective of an operations manager, house counsel, and HR executive, as he has lived each of those roles. Those experiences condition him to anticipate HR complications in business planning and then lead collaborative efforts to devise alternate approaches which avoid problems, yet stay within time and budget constraints. He is a proven HR Business Partner.

He worked for two decades in top Fortune companies as varied as manufacturing, advertising, and telecommunications; starting as a foreman and rising to a regional VP of HR and Legal Affairs. He has applied that wealth of big company expertise over the past decade building out best practices in smaller leaner businesses through the development of effective HR specialists and first-level supervisors. He has experience supporting construction, manufacturing, retail, professional services, commodities, internet commerce, hospitality, public gaming, call center/field services, IT engineering, and fleet logistics.

Mike has negotiated labor contracts and handled contract administration with six national unions, which may suggest why he is passionate about building positive employee relations and developing union avoidance programs. He also has extensive settlement negotiations experience with State and Federal agencies such as OSHA, OFCCP, USDoL, and the EEOC. It is worth noting that his training as an employment and labor attorney is tempered by his practical experience - "The client is not paying me to tell him what he can’t do, but rather the options available to achieve his objectives."

Mike holds a BA from Georgetown University, an MPS from Western Kentucky University, and a JD is from Cleveland Marshall College of law. He is a graduate of two of GE’s corporate development programs: the Manufacturing Management Program and the Employee Relation Management Program. He is Six Sigma certified and held Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification in the past. He is former Army officer with combat experience, served as an HR advisor to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, also a former Boy Scouts District Chairman and a past volunteer executive for the United Way.