We deliver the leadership, guidance and tools to maximize effectiveness resulting in better bottom line results, tied to your strategic plan and provide the core competencies necessary to allow you to sleep at night!

Message from CEO

Flex HR, Inc. was founded on several principles that I would like to share with you. Throughout my human resources career, I have experienced opportunities to start up HR departments and to restructure existing ones. I have completed due diligence reviews on over 300 companies, and additionally have assisted on merging well over 250.

It is amazing to see the amount of capital value lost in a company's strategic exit (usually upon selling) in the human asset area. This is usually due to non-existent, weak, or inexperienced individuals managing the human resources function.

As my career grew in the HR arena working inside corporations, I also had a dual career as an officer in the National Guard. During my last four years with the Guard, I managed a large function for an entire state with a headcount responsibility of over 15,000 as a part-time Colonel. This is where the concept of providing HR leadership to companies with a part-time approach initiated.

Flex HR provides your company with the experienced HR leadership it needs to obtain, and then maintain your human assets.

And our Total Backroom HR Outsourcing has proven to be another example of our way to keep cost down and deliver exceptional service with HR expertise once again at the nucleus of our deliverables.

I encourage you to call us and review the approach we take to create value in your organization. Please visit our contact page to request additional information by email, phone, or mail.

To Greater Success,
Jim Cichanski
President & CEO